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Pastor Sarah Borgstrom Lee
Pastor Sarah Borgstrom Lee     Pastor Sarah Borgstrom Lee is a commissioned minister in the United Methodist Church. She hails from Burlington, NJ which she identifies as part of southern Central Jersey. Sarah is in her eighth year of professional ministry. She began her ministry as a youth pastor at Broad Street UMC in Burlington, NJ, and has since served on the pastoral staff of Newtown UMC in Newtown PA, Centenary UMC in Lambertville, and Linvale UMC in Ringoes, NJ.

    Pastor Sarah has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, as well as a minor in ceramics from Arcadia University, and she completed her ministry degree at Princeton Theological Seminary.

    Pastor Sarah believes that Christianity isn’t so much an ideology to agree with, as much as it as a way of live, that love is an action, not just a feeling, and that God’s radical love includes everyone, no exceptions. She loves to help people explore ways of bringing something spiritual into their everyday lives. Pastor Sarah particularly enjoys teaching ancient Christian spiritual practices, like breath prayers (a form of Christian meditation), and Lectio Divina, (a meditative way of reading Scripture) as a way to bring an experience of the holy into every day life.

    When she’s not working at the churches she serves, you’ll find her reading books, playing board games, or going on adventures with her husband Josh.

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